Atlanta Zoo - A Friend Made Me Do It

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Atlanta Zoo

Ok, I have to admit, that after living in Atlanta for over forty-six years, I have never visited the Atlanta Zoo. I've always had an interest in animals, particularly wild and exotic animals, but I always thought of the Atlanta Zoo of being a place covered with screaming kids, moms with strollers, and animals that were miserable from being held in captivity. A friend insisted that I go and experience the Atlanta Zoo at least once, and I'm sure glad I did.

Well except for a few screaming kids, and moms with strollers, I was wrong.

The Atlanta Zoo has created a magnificent award-winning zoo, giving the animals excellent care in what appears to be a great environment that would make any monkey proud to call home.

The entry fee was just a tad over twenty bucks which I choked on at first, but be aware, if you are bring kids, the expense goes up from there at a entry fee for kids around fifteen bucks, and there are four rides at two and a half bucks each, and also drinks are right at three bucks, and food aint too cheap either. So if your bringing the family, pack some Blimpie sandwiches, snacks, and drinks in a small cooler, and take advantage of the many well shaded clean picnic table throughout the Zoo for a inexpensive picnic, and if you have several kids, there is a ticket deal giving you ten tickets for fifteen bucks to help reduce the cost of the kids rides.

So with all the ticket shock and purchasing advice out of the way, let me tell you about the Zoo itself. The walkways are forest style, which gives the feeling of almost taking a hike through a jungle. There is forest cover overhead, adding some excellent shade for a walk on a hot day, and the walking paths are paved, wide enough for comfort, yet narrow enough to add to the feel of a hike through a forest or jungle.

The animals are a bit dormant, but seem very relaxed and happy, as they should be, the environments appear to be very comfortable, and seem to appeal to the various animals. Most of the animals can be seen from different angles as visitors make their way around the pathways. The animals range from the standard giraffes, to orangutans, to the zebra, and a black bear, along with a huge collection of reptiles including a black mamba that is very active and luckily behind glass.

One of the animal attractions that must be experienced by kids and adults alike is the parakeet exhibit. You walk into a netted area that is full of probably several hundred parakeets just flying around, and sitting on low-level tree branches. The parakeets are tame enough that a few will fly and sit on the shoulders of visitors, and most will sit still enough to allow visitors to pet them, and take insanely up close pictures.

There is also a really nice clean and well kept petting area where visitors can enjoy petting goat and sheep, and goat and sheep can enjoy being pampered by visitors. It's a fair tradeoff.

So if you live in Atlanta, Ga., or if your simply here on a visit, don't miss the opportunity to enjoy a few hours at a first class zoo, and remember to bring your camera, and a good zoom lense. You will not want to miss out on some of the excellent wildlife photography available.

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Atlanta Zoo - A Friend Made Me Do It

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This article was published on 2010/10/07