Auckland Zoo- bringing nature that much closer

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One of Auckland’s major attractions is the Auckland Zoo in New Zealand. This zoo is not just a store house for some amazing species of animals, buts its also been identified as a progressive institution.

The zoo is one of the few places where the country’s more native species of animals could be found. Arriving at the zoo is relatively easy, since it’s a popular landmark in downtown Auckland, anyone should be able to direct visitors there. If not, then travelers just need to get on an Explorer Bus which will drop tourists at its door step.

Another plus point about the zoo is that it is next to the Museum of Transport and Technology as well as the Western Springs Reserve. Travellers can make a day out with a trip to the zoo, since  a tram service operates between the museum and the zoo.

Some of the more popular exhibits at the zoo include the ‘Sealion and Penguin Shores’, ‘Bank of New Zealand Kiwi’ and the ‘Animal Planet Elephant Clearing’. The latter exhibit is where visitors get to view the behavior of New Zealand’s only Asian elephants. And if visitors are lucky enough they could even catch a glimpse of the elephants on a stroll in the zoo.

The Bank of New Zealand Kiwi is a special exhibit for those visitors who are non natives of New Zealand as the country’s national bird is the major star of the show. Along with this exhibit is the lizard like species, commonly referred to as ‘living fossils’. The Tuatara are a unique species and not every zoo will feature them, so being able to have a glimpse of them is to be considered as being fortunate.

The Australian bird aviary is the haven of bird enthusiasts. Here visitors will be able to feed rainbow lorikeets. Another not to be missed exhibition is the walkabout. This exhibit was made popular by those traveling with families, as they get an opportunity to get up close with animals like Kangaroos and Emus, making the visit to the Auckland Zoo extra special.

If that’s not all, the Wild Bean Café at the zoo plays live music, and features different bands. During certain occasions Safari sleep overs for families are held making the experience to the Auckland zoo a truly unique one.

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Auckland Zoo- bringing nature that much closer

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This article was published on 2009/09/03