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There are two major Zoos in Chicago which is one of the most important entertaining areas of this City. These two areas incorporate wide variety of animals so that the children have knowledge as well as get entertained by them. In addition to this, a little detail about each and every animal is also given so that the inhabitants or the tourists have surface information about these places. As there are only two Zoos in Chicago so the government of Illinois has made it sure that it is protected in every manner and has followed the rules and licensing of keeping animals in their entertaining area. One of the most important Zoos that are famous for its beauty and versatile animal is:

1. Brookfield Zoo:
Brookfield Zoo is located in the suburb of Chicago city. This Zoo is also named as Chicago Zoological Park. The city spread up to 216 acres of area and envelops about 450 different kinds of animal.

Moats and Ditches: This Zoo gained attraction because it was the first one for housing animals in moats and ditches rather than keeping them in cages, which is a traditional way of housing animals in such area. The authority makes it sure that the safety of children and the visitor is being met.
Famous animals that gained attraction after inauguration: two animals caught attraction of the visitors after which there were uncountable numbers of visitors visiting the Zoo was Panda and Dolphin. This Zoo was the first one to exhibit giant Pandas, out of which one has been taxidemied and put into the Field Museum of National History for the display. Moreover, this place was also the first one to cater to the in-door Dolphin exhibit.

Rain Forest: after having some cash inflow, this Zoo presented a Tropical view which has never been displayed by any of the areas ever before. The management created an artificial rain forest, which added to the positive word of mouth to this place. Now people seek ore creativity here than in any of the places.

Notable Animals: some notable Animals that this park house is
i. Ziggy, a 6.5 ton bull elephant
ii. Olga, an Atlantic Walrus
iii. Ookie, major Michell’s Cockatoo
iv. Binti Jua, which is imported from Western lowland and is a gorilla
v. Esmeralda, a black spider monkey
And many others like Giraffe, Sea Horse, and Alligator lie in this Zoo.

2. Lincoln Park Zoo
Lincoln Park Zoo is a free Zoo that is located in Lincoln Park. It dates back the history in 1868 so it is the oldest Zoo of all nationwide. Though there are three more minor zoos in Chicago named as Philips Park Zoo, Cosely Zoo and Indian Boundary Park, but still this zoo is the famous of all due to its history and animals.
Notable species in Lincoln Zoo: this Zoo is a home to Polar Bears, Reptiles, Monkeys, Gorillas, Lion Zebra, Elephants e.t.c. hence the total amount of animals this Zoo incorporates numbers to 1,250.

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Famous Zoo in Chicago

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This article was published on 2010/11/11