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The Bronx Zoo is the largest network of zoos in the world. It is located at Fordham Road and the Bronx River Parkway. The zoo has over 4,000 animals for exhibition. In the early days of zoo it has very small cages and poor living conditions for animals, but after the establishment of Wildlife Conservation Society and their efforts the zoo now has become a better living place for animals.

Baboon Reserve

This place is reserve for different species of baboons like ibexes and gelada baboon. Another attractive feature of baboon Reserve is waterfowls.

Big Bears

This is a place in Bronx Zoo reserved for brown bears and polar bears. The place is surrounded by tall ridge of natural rock. During summer, you will enjoy watching brown bears and in winter polar bears are more active and amuse the visitors.

Birds of Prey

Prey Birds are put for exhibition here. The more common prey birds here include vulture, owl and eagles.

Congo Gorilla Forest

This forest is so designed that it resembles the African rain forest. It covers an area of 6.5 acres. This forest contains almost 55 species of wildlife animals, such as Colobus monkey, gorillas, okapi and mandrills.

Himalayan Highlands

It features Himalayan landscape. Himalayan Highlands feature the endangered animals that live in Himalayan Mountains like cranes, Temmink's tragopan, red pandas and snow leopards. The Highlands has other natural characteristics like cave ledges, ravines and bridges.

Aitken Aviary

The birds from South American coast are kept in Aitken Aviary. The famous birds here include: guanay cormorants, magellanic penguins and gulls.

Tiger Mountains

These mountains are spread over 3 acres. The endangered Siberian tigers are kept here.


Aquatic Bird House

As the name suggest aquatic birds are kept here, such as puffins, kookaburras and so on.

Carter Giraffe Building

This place is reserved for giraffes. Children particularly love to watch them in action.


This is made as an Asian rain forest and spread over an area of 37,000 square feet. JungleWorld has more than 99 species of trees along with some wildlife animals like monkeys, leopards, gibbons etc.

Monkey House

Monkey house contains all sort kinds of primates that are found in jungles.

Mouse House

Mouse House is a place where all sort of predator animals are kept like skunks, snakes etc.

World of Birds

All sort of birds from different part of the worlds are found here.

World of Darkness

This place has a lot of caves and ravines as the animals kept here are those which come out at night, such as bats, owls etc.

World of Reptiles

This place features more than 200 dangerous reptiles. Some common reptiles you will find here include toads, crocodiles etc.

Bronx Zoo NYC

The zoo remains open throughout the year except New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. From Monday to Friday, the opening hours of the zoo are 10a.m. to 5p.m. on weekends and holidays, the timings are 10a.m. to you can get the family membership of the zoo for just $124.

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New York Bronx Zoo

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