Riding Zoo Elephants at Santa Ana Zoo Prentice Park

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The Santa Ana Zoo is a well-liked zoo that was first opened within the year 1952 inside the region that was donated by a local citrus grower called Joseph Prentice. There had been a couple of problems from the donation proper ahead of the zoo was built. One is how the name from the zoo will probably be called following and there should be at least fifty monkeys that will be displayed in the zoo. Today, the zoo owns many cash and you’ll find thousands of visitors arrive annually to visit and appreciate the zoo. The Santa Ana Zoo display 90 species, 35 exhibits and 249 individuals. The zoo includes a good deal of interesting rides and activities that will retain young children quite interested.
One from the best rides that young children and adults appreciate within this park could be the elephant rides. As you all know elephants are big species of animals and they can carry you on their back easily. This can be a single from the greatest attractions from the place. The elephants are well kept and fed by the zoo keepers, so they are always able for fun and action. These elephants are really lovable and they adore people, simply because they are trained with folks around, so they do not panic particularly once there are numerous individuals watching them. The zoo keepers make certain that these elephants are safe close to lots of people.

The Santa Ana zoo that was located in the Prentice Park at Santa Ana, California is about a 20-acre zoo, so it’s extremely perfect for the whole family. You youngsters can personally pet the animals and find out about actual farm life. This really is the most way for you to teach your young children how to care about animals along with other species around them. Should you want a thing which will keep your loved ones busy this weekend, then why not visit the Santa Ana zoo for a change.

Aside inside the elephant rides, your children can also enjoy all miniature rides, the Crean household farm and also the little ones zoo. Should you are already tired strolling the park. You may rest and relax for though at the garden while the youngsters enjoy climbing over a play area as well as the snack bar. This is probably the most way for all parents to introduce their baby to all of the wonders in the zoo. They will find out to care and appreciate animals and their environment.

The whole visit to the Santa Ana zoo will consume you about 3 to four hours or more. The far more time you spent within the Santa Ana, the far more your young children will undoubtedly enjoy. Should you are searching for actual fun and excitement to your children, then Santa Ana Park is worth visiting. The parking is for free and also the admission towards the zoo is extremely affordable to your whole family. The location is each for your youngsters and for your grownups, so each young children and adults will surely appreciate the place. You possibly can give your youngsters the best weekend each without the need of the must spend huge money from your monthly budget.

Riding Zoo Elephants
Adults and kids pay $5 for an elephant ride at the Santa Ana Zoo from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays. The rides are accessible from October through April.

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Riding Zoo Elephants at Santa Ana Zoo Prentice Park

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This article was published on 2010/11/28