Visit the Zoo with Your Family

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There are many exciting things to see and do in Devon. If you are staying at one of the Torquay holiday cottages or the Devon holiday cottages, you will have access to many of the popular tourist attractions in Devon. The Devon holiday cottages and the Torquay holiday cottages offer families excellent accommodations. If you are planning on taking your dog along with you for your holidays, you can request one of the pet-friendly Devon holiday cottages or the Torquay holiday cottages. Here is one place you and your family will enjoy during your holidays in Devon.

Paignton Zoo

If you have booked one of the Devon holiday cottages or the Torquay holiday cottages you should take a trip to the Paignton Zoo. The Paignton Zoo is home to literally hundreds of animals and plants. When you visit Paignton Zoo, you will have the wonderful opportunity to see some of the most beautiful animals and birds. The zoo is a great place to visit especially if you are travelling with your children. There are several places that you can explore at the zoo. Paignton Zoo gives you the opportunity to explore the savannah, the desert and the forest all in the same place. Here are some of the special attractions at Paignton zoo.

Animals and Birds

Eastern Bongos – The Eastern Bongos is an animal that is in danger of extinction because it is hunted for its meat. The Bongos live in the deep forests. You can see these beautiful animals at the Paignton Zoo. The Bongos have bold stripes on its body and is reddish – brown in colour. Because of its unique colour it can be easily camouflaged. The Bongos only come out of the forest during the night to search for food.

Gouldian Finch – The Gouldian Finch is a beautiful bird that is scarlet, yellow and black in colour. The male and female are unique in that they both look the same. The only visible difference is that the female is a little bit darker. These birds do not normally come down to the ground and are always perched up on the branches of the trees.

Senegal Bushbaby – The Bushbaby is a night-time primate that leaps from one tree to the other. The Bushbaby has big eyes that help it in judging the distance as it jumps between trees. Though they have big eyes, the Senegal Bushbaby does not depend on its eyes to look for food. It instead uses its sense of smelling to find its food. The Bushbaby can jump up to a height of 5 metres. One unusual characteristic of the Bushbaby is that it urinates on its hands and feet and scent-mark its way as it jumps for tree to tree.

Getting to Paignton Zoo

The zoo is situated close to the town centre and is not far from the Devon holiday cottages or the Torquay holiday cottages. You can take the train to Torquay Station or Paignton Station and take a bus from there to the zoo.

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Visit the Zoo with Your Family

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